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Latton Priory

Epping Forest District Council’s (EFDC) adopted Local Plan sets out how the district’s housing and employment needs will be accommodated in the period up to 2033 and includes proposals for development at Latton Priory, south of Harlow. Latton Priory is also part of the Harlow and Gilston Garden Town (HGGT), which was one of the areas designated as a Garden Town by Central Government in January 2017.

Following extensive consultation in 2019, there was subsequent consultation in 2022/23 regarding the Strategic Masterplan Framework (SMF) for the site. EFDC endorsed the SMF earlier this year. The SMF sets out the strategic principles for masterplanning the Latton Priory site. The SMF is the document which provides the step between Local Plan Policy and any planning application.

CEG and Hallam Land – Consultation on the outline planning application for Latton Priory 10th November 2023 – 8th December 2023

The Latton Priory development will include places to live, work, learn and socialise, with a range of community facilities, sports and play provision on land around Latton Priory Farm, south of Harlow and west of London Road and the M11. This new community will be planned as a high quality, vibrant and distinctive neighbourhood, which is well integrated with surrounding communities, with investment into infrastructure such as education, healthcare and transport improvements.

Following the SMF consultation and subsequent endorsement, CEG, Hallam Land Management and their technical consultants are preparing an outline planning application for submission to EFDC in the new year.

The outline planning process agrees certain principles and includes maximum parameters such as numbers of homes, the facilities included and maximum building heights, but much of the detail will be agreed by way of later detailed planning applications (known as Reserved Matters). An illustrative framework masterplan, showing how the masterplan for Latton Priory could be developed in line with the principles set out in the SMF, would be included in the application.

The consultation shared this illustrative masterplan and information about the assessments and documents which will be included within this forthcoming outline planning application.

The consultation ran between the 10th November 2023 and 8th December 2023. The consultation document can still be viewed on the link above.

Please note that this consultation on the forthcoming outline planning application was separate to EFDC’s Latton Priory Strategy Design Code Consultation.  

To contact the Latton Priory team with any queries please email

EFDC’s Latton Priory Strategic Design Code Consultation

EFDC also consulted on the Latton Priory Strategic Design Code which sets out design rules and guidelines for different aspects of the development, to be met by developers in future planning proposals. These standards seek to ensure that the development is high-quality, sustainable and well-integrated, with a focus on streets and open spaces where people and nature can thrive. Once endorsed, the Strategic Design code will sit alongside the SMF as a material consideration in future planning decisions.

The Design Code is being produced by EFDC and is currently at draft stage. This separate public consultation ran from 26 October – midday 11th December 2023 and gathered resident and local community feedback on the code and ensured the requirements meet local design aspirations. Feedback was gathered through in-person exhibitions and events, an online survey, paper surveys and by email at

The draft Latton Priory Strategic Design Code can be downloaded, and the digital survey can be found at: Paper surveys are available at the Discover Harlow engagement hub in Harlow’s Harvey Centre, opposite the Brick Lane Bagel Co. They can also be requested using the HGGT email address or by telephone on 01992 564 000.

Latton Priory – Illustrative Masterplan

1 mixed use local centre
  1. Mixed use local centre (including employment)
2 new primary school

2. New primary school

3 new green links

3. New green links

4 East West Avenue

4. East West Avenue

5 green edge fronting park

5. Green edge fronting park

6 latton park

6. Latton Park

7 public transpoty options

7. Public Transport options

8 Riddings House

8 Riddings House

9 new allotments

9. New allotments

10 New sports pitches

10. New sports pitches

11 Moat scheduled monument

11. Moat (Scheduled Monument)

12 mobility hub

12. Mobility Hub

13 new secondary school

13. New secondary school

14 suitable green space

14. Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace

15 listed building

15. Latton Priory (Listed Building

16 employment

16. Employment

If you would also like to view the exhibition materials shared in 2019, 2020 and 2022/23, which explains how comments made during previous consultations were taken into account, these can be downloaded below:

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